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A DeFi strategy protocol for liquid stakers designed to secure fixed-rate APY

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DeFi Vaults for Staker

Legato empowers stakers with tools to enhance their staking strategies through different types of DeFi vaults that cater to specific needs and preferences.

  • Fixed-yield
  • Passive asset
  • Leveraged
  • RWA

Secure Fixed-Rate APY

Lock-in fixed rates for staked assets and redeem back at 1:1 regardless of APY fluctuations, awarded 1st place at Move Hackathon in Tokyo.

Fixed Rate

Lock-in fixed rates for volatile staking assets

Always Liquid

Every stake returns the vault's liquid tokens

No Fees

Interact with the vaults without any fees

Unstoppable Vault

Vault liquid tokens are always migratable

Passive Asset

Low Risk to Earn

We offer passive assets with low risk and stable yields, providing an accessible opportunity for everyone to earn passive income effortlessly.

Our first asset is YT tokens, which increase in value over time by shorting against fixed yield vaults.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are at the early stage and while our liquidity may be limited, your support by using even a small amount of tokens is crucial to our growth journey.